A Blueprint for the perfect "Cat House"

"World's Best Cat House"

There is no other Cat House like this on the market. The Country Cathouse has been described as a "One-Of-A-Kind" perfectly proportioned indoor structure that captures a unique style & cat friendly functional design. It definitely is the “Main Topic of Discussion” of anyone seeing it for the first time. It is an architecturally beautiful way for the “Do-It-Your-Selfer” to keep cats off the furniture and provide a finished product that can be both fun for the family and for your cat. In addition, it can be a "Great Unique Gift" for your friends that own cats. It is designed to be built to last. The sturdy all-wood construction consisting of cedar, oak, pine, and plywood ensures that it will serve as a durable piece of family furniture. Building your own cat house has never been easier.

The Perfect Gift for Any Cat Lover

The Country Cathouse can be completed over a couple of weekends, by the "Do-It-Your-Selfer" by following the simple step-by-step blueprint plans and the detailed step-by-step photo instructions. Our Country Cathouse (easy to read & understand) building plans include:

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Quality Construction

The Cat House Company is dedicated to providing blueprint plans that represent exceptional quality and “Old-World Craftsmanship” in creating the Country Cathouse. Next time you are in the pet store check out the cat furniture being sold. In many cases these items are made of low quality materials such as press board with poor workmanship. Building the Country Cathouse by following the blueprint material list, you can ensure that you will construct a Cat House using quality standard available materials. The end result is a Cat House which will last for years of enjoyment for your cat.

Who Purchases the Country Cathouse Blueprints?

Cat owners, veterinarians, pet hospitals, cat trainers, shelters, schools for woodworking projects all are potential buyers of the Country Cathouse blueprints. It is important to note that many buyers of the Country Cathouse blueprints are individuals who do not even own a cat. They purchase these unique set of blueprints as a “Special Gift” for their friends who own cats because it is “One-Of-A-Kind” and there is no other Cat House like this on the market.

Copyright Information

The Country Cathouse blueprints are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. No part of these plans may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher Karlson Marketing Corp.